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NEW Exciting DVD and Multimedia CD-ROM!
  diving DVD and CDROM “Flying over California’s most spectacular dive sites
with underwater scooter-mounted cameras makes this
a truly unique film experience and a first of its kind!

Dale Sheckler, California Diving News


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Get the two disc set, a DVD with a easy to watch overview of California's best diving hosted by Susan Bird, a commentary track that delivers all the diving details you would expect from scuba diving videos and a POWERFUL CD-ROM with maps, descriptions and embedded video!   

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Dive Site Videos is a unique company as are its founders. With an incredibly experienced dive team, they bring some of the world's best dive sites to your home on DVD.  The host of the program is a female diver, and through her perspective, you'll share her experiences as she takes you diving on some of her favorite dives. Cameras mounted on the dive teams Gavin scooters allow you to see the dives as if you were there - flying over the reefs and through gorgeous kelp forests.

Some of the dive sites featured are well known, popular sites, while many are undiscovered gems you will want to explore.  Dive site depths range between shallow, and easy to more difficult, technical dives well below 200 feet.

Each of our DVD's features a complete descriptive narration of the dive site and simple navigation.  Best of all, a companion CDROM is packed with information and features, designed to give you the information you need to plan your next outing.

Let Dive Site Videos be your guide for your next scuba diving adventure.

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