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Due to Apple's choice to disable auto-launching applications, The Digital Dive Guide CD-ROM must be inserted and opened with the following procedures.


 Directions for using a MAC with Firefox or Internet Explorer as the default Internet browser:

  1. Insert CD-ROM
  2. Double Click CD-ROM icon to open
  3. In the CD-ROM main Directory double click " Start_Here.htm "
  4. After reading the Warning - click " I agree " in the lower area of the page
  5. Your internet browser should open

MACs that use Safari as the default internet browser

  1. Same as steps 1 thru 5 above
  2. Safari will open and warns "page can not be found"
    1. The  address bar in your browser will display a address that ends with "CompanionDiskSubmit/MainPages/Index.htm"
    2. The capital 'I" in Index.htm needs to be replaced with a lower case "i"
    3. The final address in your browser should not have quotes and should end with /MainPages/index.htm

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