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Dive Site Videos has assembled one of the best dive teams in California. These divers have not only years of technical diving experience and technical expertise, but truly enjoy and love the underwater world. Our Dive team has an amazing average diving history of nearly 20 years each, all have Mixed gas diving experience, and nearly all have instructor ratings. As a side note, Dive Site Videos and our in-water dive team receive valuable support from many others not listed.

Susan Bird - Diving since 1985    DVD - Host



B.A. 1982 Communications, Stanford University, CA
1990 Certified Hypnotherapist, PA, CA





  • Instructor
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Karate Do U.S.A, Instructor
  • Sun Circuits, Sales Associate
  • Atlas Telecom, Director of Marketing

Platinum Dive Con. Instructor rating from SSI and DAN O2 Provider Instructor

  • Trimix Diver - GUE T-2, TDI
  • Full Cave Diver - NSS-CDS

Diving Experience Summary

  • Over 20 years of diving
  • 1200+ logged dives 
  • 100+ cave dives 
  • Many dives using: DPVs, stage diving techniques, decompression diving using specially mixed gasses. 
  • Longest Cave Penetration -7,500 ft
  • Swimming, All-American, Stanford University; National Record Holder (AAU)

Special Interests 

  • Trip leader, Cetaceans and Human Interaction
  • Okinawan Shorin-ryu, Second Degree Black Belt, Karate Do U.S.A,
  • Judo, Brown Belt, Cahills Judo Academy

Alberto Nava – Diving Since 1991 -

DSV Dive Coordinator/Camera person

Ebeto montanaducation

B.A., 1990, Computer Science, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Master, 1992, Computer Science, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

Instructor ratings from SSI, IANTD and DAN: Open water thru Technical Diving Instructor and O2 Provider Instructor

  • Trimix Instructor
  • GUE, TDI and IANTD 
  • Full Cave Diver - NSS-CDS
  • Cavern/Sink Hole Diver – CDAA  

Diving Experience Summary

  • 14 years of diving
  • 1400+ logged dives 
  • 200+ cave dives 
  • 100+ cave dives using stage diving techniques 
  • 800+ cold water dives 
  • 300+ dives using stage decompression techniques 
  • 200+ dives using specially mixed gasses 
  • 200+ dives using DPVs
  • Longest Cave Penetration -12,000 ft
  • Exploring and mapping specialist

see more www.DiveSiteVideos.com

Ken Gwin-Diving Since 1967.   - Script writer

Kenneth Gwin recalls, "After a trip to Catalina as an eight year old and a
tour of a kelp forest in a glass bottom boat, the dream began."xx Following that dream, he happily learned to dive for college credit in 1967. His check out dives were at Long Point and he spent the next several years exploring the shallow coves on the West End of Catalina, Southern California beaches, wreck dives, and anything that seemed an adventure. He hauled his steel "72" around with him for years dropping into any body of water—quarry, lake or fish pond—from Mexico to the Great Lakes. His range has expanded with the advent of "technical diving," the availability of mixed gasses, and the evolution of decompression theory and practice.

Looking at diving through the artists eye, his goals are the encouragement of recreational diving through the pursuit of personal exploration and conservation of the sea around us. With the proper equipment, training and experience, "absolutely amazing things can be seen and experienced." These are treasures to protect, and a heritage to pass on to future divers and explorers.


John Heimann-Diving Since 1989.  - Safety


Harvard University: BA, Physics, cum laude, 1982


Oracle Corporation: Director, Product Management

SSI Divecon Specialist Instructor

  • IANTD Trimix
  • NSS-CDS Full Cave, Abe Davis Safety Award

Dive History:

  • 1000+ logged dives
  • 700+ cold water dives
  • 500+ staged decompression dives
  • 300+ wreck penetration dives
  • 100+ cave dives
  • 100+ DPV dives
  • 100+ trimix dives
  • Support Cave diver for NSS Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP, ‘95-’96)
  • Favorite dives include the wrecks of the Andrea Doria, U853, USS Bass, and USS Saratoga


Clinton Bauder - Camera person

clintonClinton is a software engineer at Apple Computer and an avid  amateur diver and videographer. Certified in 1997 he hasn't gone more  than 3 weeks in a row since then without getting wet. Despite having  travelled to a variety of exotic warm-water locales he still finds  the cool green waters off of central California to be the most  rewarding. Clinton maintains a website about Monterey diving and marine life  called " http://www.metridium.com " Metridium Fields


Jim Capwell - USCG Captain and Tech Diver with a couple thousand dives. - Captain

He left a longstanding corporate position and started a Dive Charter and Travel Company in 1996 which specialized in group trips to South East Asia, Micronesia, Mexico and Philippines.  In an effort to share the adventures and beauty of Monterey has owned and operated Dive charters along the Big Sur Coast.

Escapade is the most recent vessel which is a stable 38ft craft custom designed to accommodate divers comfortably and reduce travel time to the dive sites.

escapdeJim has worked on many local photo and documentary projects including National Geographic Television special  “Shape of Life”.  He has also been involved in product testing for Sport Diver in addition to segments for Jeff Corwin Animal Planet and a local broadcast of Bay Area Backroads.

His enthusiasm continues to grow when it comes to sharing his passion for the sport and promoting the wonders just off our doorstep.

  • USCG Captain
  • IANTD Trimix
  • UCSC Scientific Diver,
  • NAUI Divemaster
  • NSS-CDS Cave
  • Current in CPR Pro
  • DAN O2.

More on Jim’s Dive Central www.divecentral.com


Stephen Bath xx - Camera Person

Stephen received production training at Ohlone Collage and the Academy of Arts. His Life long dream has been "to see the world through the lens of a camera."

This is an ideal project for this aspiring camera person. Stephen feels shooting in extremely challenging environments is proving to be very rewording.

Production experience:

  • Finding Nemo
  • Tactical to practical
  • Local news
  • Short Films
  • Corporate Videos


Alan Studley-Diving Since 1975 - Camera person

SCUBA Instructor Trainer certified for all levels of Scuba including Technical Instructor training.

Scuba diving all over the worldand working in dive travel since 1978, Alan has been able to build his library of photographs and video, while building a strong foundation and reputation in the photography industry. alan

Many of his photographs and videos have been published in international and domestic dive industry-related syndications, including magazines, Travel brochures, Dive equipment brochures, Fish I.D. books, Otter books, CDs, Film Festivals, and Television . see more www.DiveSiteVideos.com



Jim Thompson-Diving Since 1979 - Camera person/editor

xx Instructor ratings from NAUI, SSI, PADI, SDI, TDI and DAN, with Instructor level certification thru Technical mixed gas diving (Trimix).

He not only has a background in technical diving but also has concentrated in using his video for Corporate use, focusing on video for Internet delivery.  See more here www.DestinationProductions.com


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